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S2 Corporation is a dynamic, high-technology based small business that aims to provide creative ultra-wideband sensing and signal processing solutions for multiple customers. S2 Corporation is experienced in research and development, simulation, proof-of-concept designs, and external testing.


S2 Corporation is the sole world-wide organization that aims to develop and deploy revolutionary technology for ultra-wideband radio frequency sensing and signal processing. One technology is known as spatial-spectral (S2) holography. Our mission is to commercialize the S2 technology and, in doing so, enable users of S2 technology to dominate the RF spectrum by total spectral awareness and full spectral adaptation.


Initial markets for this technology are focused on military and defense systems. Overlapping markets are anticipated for national security applications. Commercial applications include test and measurement as well as wideband real time spectral analysis and direction finding.

Competition comes primarily from the ever improving digital interfaces to the analog world via analog to digital converters (ADCs), and digital processing power. S2 technology fills a niche where wideband electronics are seemingly required, but either do not exist with the right specifications, or are too expensive and bulky for deployment.

S2 Corporation is located in Bozeman, Montana.