The Montana Optics Cluster

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In 2012 Regional Technology Strategies, Inc identified a rapidly growing cluster of optics and photonics companies and research institutions in Montana.  Comprised of over 20 organizations, this cluster is the highest per capital concentration of optics and photonics companies and research institutions in the United States and is recognized by the state for its economic growth potential.  Click here to read the full report, "Imagining a Future for the Big Sky Optics Cluster."

The Montana Photonics Industry Alliance was formed in October 2013 to promote the growth and success of the Montana optics cluster organizations.

Montana's Emerging Photonics Industry and the MPIA

Montana Optics and Photonics Industry Survey

Beginning in 2014 the Montana Photonics Industry Alliance has compiled annual surveys of the optics and photonics organizations in the state. The objective of the surveys is to better understand the employment and payroll impact of Montana's optics and photonics industry on the state; and to identify ways in which the Montana Photonics Industry Alliance can help these organizations become world leaders.  

Highlights of the 2015 survey included statistics that showed total employment to be 517 and a forecast headcount growth rate of 9% for the year (13% excluding MSU).   The full survey results can be obtained by clicking the links below.

2015 Member Survey

2014 Member Survey