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Wavelength Electronics

Founded in 1993, Wavelength Electronics leads the laser control industry with ultra-stable, high precision quantum cascade and diode laser drivers, and temperature controllers for demanding electro-optical OEMs and researchers. Our goal is to deliver low-noise, instrument-level performance in small, cost-effective modules and we are continually upgrading our circuitry and facility to manufacture ever smaller components for portable, hand held devices.

Our guiding philosophy is to provide the highest quality, robust, and reliable products so that you can push the envelope in your field of research or development. Quality manufacturing controls ensure on-time delivery of robust, reliable product. Laser diode safety is paramount.  Protection is built into every module and all of our products are backed by superior technical support from our in-house engineers.  We pay attention to minimizing our packaging materials, reusing and recycling, and consciously reducing chemical usage.

Wavelength Electronics is located in Bozeman, Montana.

ILX Lightwave

ILX Lightwave® is the world's premier supplier of laser diode instrumentation and test systems. 

Since 1986, with the introduction of the first bench-top precision laser diode current source we have continued to develop our precision measurement and control technology to offer a full line of innovative instruments, test systems and accessories. We maintain our market leadership through the relentless pursuit of quality, performance, and innovation. ILX Lightwave products are used throughout the world in research and development labs and production areas, wherever photonic technology is advancing.

ILX Lightwave is located in Bozeman, Montana and is a member of the Newport Corporation family of industry leading brands.

Bridger Photonics
Bozeman, Montana

Bridger Photonics is a recognized world leader in coherent, high-resolution, absolute distance measurement and imaging technologies. We create sound and innovative solutions together with our customers and partners to meet their Metrology and Security & Defense objectives. We are driven by a desire to create innovative distance measurement and imaging products that advance society and significantly enhance our customers’ measurement capabilities. 

Blackmore Sensors and Analytics
Bozeman, Montana

Blackmore’s Lidar Engine enables unsurpassed performance across the broad application space of 3D lidar imaging. By translating the advanced toolsets of modern radar into the optical domain we are driving revolutionary cost and performance gains.  Our mission is to ignite the commoditization of 3D geospatial data.