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Montana Optics and Photonics Industry Survey

Beginning in 2014 the Montana Photonics Industry Alliance has compiled annual surveys of the optics and photonics organizations in the state. The objective of the surveys is to better understand the employment and payroll impact of Montana’s optics and photonics industry on the state; and to identify ways in which the Montana Photonics Industry Alliance can help these organizations become world leaders.

Highlights of the 2015 survey included statistics that showed total employment to be 517 and a forecast headcount growth rate of 9% for the year (13% excluding MSU).   The full survey results can be obtained by clicking the links below.

2015 Member Survey

2014 Member Survey

Information Resources

Photonics and Montana’s Emerging Photonics Industry (2015)

A 30 slide PowerPoint prevention that provides an overview of photonics, Montana’s emerging photonics industry, and the Montana Photonics Industry Alliance.  The presentation includes the following sections:

  • What Is Photonics?
  • Why Is Photonics Important?
  • Montana’s Emerging Photonics Industry
  • Montana Photonics Industry Alliance

Download Microsoft PowerPoint file

Synergistic Development of Optics Education and Industry In a Small Uuniversity Town (2015)


In thirty-five years, more than thirty optics-related companies have been established in the small Rocky Mountain town of Bozeman, Montana, USA. This situation offers a rare opportunity to examine the parallel growth of optics education and industry in a location that until recently was home to very few, if any, high-technology companies. The growth of optics education and research at Montana State University (MSU) in Bozeman was both a cause and a result of the parallel growth of surrounding optics-related companies. The earliest academic optics activities at MSU were in both applied optical measurements and basic optical sciences, especially laser crystal spectroscopy and laser physics, and our first optics companies were in similar fields. In fact, one of the first companies was started by an MSU graduate who grew the crystal for the world’s first ruby laser built by Dr. Theodore Maiman. After the start of this growth in the 1980s, the next several decades brought synergistic broadening of optics activities to a wide range of applications, from remote sensing to medical imaging. This paper outlines the events that initiated this development and the ongoing activities that continue to promote this synergistic growth of optics in both academia and industry. 

Joseph A. Shaw, Montana State University, Optical Technology Center

Available from OSA Publishing.  Download PDF file.

Optics in the Gallatin Valley 2011

Video summarizing history and current activities in optics and photonics in Montana (11 min 21 s)

Click here to view

Montana Optics History, Part 1

Interviews with Roger Robichaud and Ralph Hutcheson, early Montana optics company founders.

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Montana Optics History, Part 2

Interviews with Rufus Cone and John Carlsten, early Montana optics researchers.

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Montana Optics History, Part 3

Interviews with Pete Roos and Joe Sawyer, more recent optics company leaders.

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